Pen Air Federal Credit Union

The world today is filled with various types of financial institutions offering different financial help. Credit unions  are part of the financial institutions available to people seeking different financial assistance. The number of credit unions all over the world is overwhelming and one can be spoilt for choice. Even then not all the credit unions can offer all the financial services as desired. So ,before one decides to join any given credit union, it is important that he assess his financial status and understand his financial needs. On the same note it is important that an individual takes into consideration the following. First, the kind of services offered  by a credit union, the understand what is required of one before and when he becomes a member and finally consider what the union will be able to offer at the end of it all.

Pen Air Federal Credit Union

Now, the Pen Air federal credit union is a type of union with an aim of improving the  living standards of the union’s members and the community at  large.  Since it started  its operations in 1936, the Pen air credit union has been offering a number of financial services and products to its members and the surrounding community. Some of the services that are now provided by the union include e-services. These services enable the members to perform a number of banking functions from even their homes. Some of the e-services include direct deposits, bill payment, e-statements, money transfer and e-notifications among many others. Secondly, the union offers lending services which include vehicle loans, mortgage loans, real estate loans, personal loans, business loans among others. The union charges a considerably  low interest rates on a number of the loans it offers. Thirdly , the pen air federal credit union  provides for different investment strategies and schemes. The investment services are used to enable one to plan for the future in a better and more convenient way.  The union has a number of professional staff who are able to render useful advice on the different investment schemes available to one.

Pen air federal credit union membership.

The pen air federal credit  union has a multiple group registration. This makes it a military type of credit union and so for one to be eligible for membership, he must be in one way or the other associated with a multiple group.

Working with the pen air federal credit union is very beneficial to one. First, the company has professional staff who are ready to offer different services to various clients and members. Again the professionals offer free consultation on different services provides. Secondly, membership of the union is open to any person as long as s/he is associated with any given multiple group. Again, the union offers various financial services at interesting competitive rates. Finally, the credit union has been in operation for a long time and hence has had a lot of experience in handling and delivering different financial services.


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